Design, DevOps & Automation Consulting

Specialisation in heavily cached high traffic sites.

Design & Consulting before writing code 
Fast edge caching via CDNs, varnish and Redis for instant response.

Server and serveless consulting pre-design.

AWS automation as infrastrucuture as code using terraform and ansible.

Crypto Data Infrastructure Consulting

Managed ETH1 nodes using Geth and Parity for both testnet & mainnet on AWS in addition to ETH2 nodes running on the testnet.

Stocks, Forex & Crypto Programming Services


Bespoke Inter exchange custom trading software services.

We intergrate with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Uniswap, Chainlink, Kyber and a multitude

of exchanges.


Fast IP Routing for fast executions.

Startups & Design

Startups get things working with an MVP, often with not that much thought into design before writing code. The problem with this approach is they spend a lot of time on re-designs both app and infrastructure.

Take a peak at our blog which covers issues such as design before writing code and for high traffic sites both infrastucture design is as important as application design.

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